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  • Shar Pei

    Welcome to our site, and thank you for stopping by! On here you will find everything you ever wanted to know and didnít know about Shar Pei puppies, Shar Pei care, Shar Pei training, and so much more. If you had trouble deciding upon whether or not a Shar Pei was right for you, after reading this, you will be sure.

    Here you will be able to find answers to the questions you may not find elsewhere, you will learn how a Shar Pei dog acts, what to expect, and how to deal with unexpected situations like emergencies. You will learn how to properly feed your Shar Pei, and how to train him properly for success. You will also learn about the differences between store-bought Shar Peis, dogs that come from Shar Pei breeders, and dogs that come from the Shar Pei rescue.

    By the time you have perused our website, you will be able to make an educated decision about the dog of your choice, and decide if the Shar Pei are a good match for you and your family and see what types of Shar Pei are available. In the several paragraphs below, you will find only a brief synopsis of the detail that you can find on the other pages on our site. So if you find something that strikes your fancy, whether you are a proud owner, or just a prospective buyer, keep reading and you will be amazed to find out what you didnít know about these dogs!

    Everything You Want to Know and More

    On this all inclusive site, you will find a plethora of information regarding the characteristics and personality of this wrinkly, cute bundle of sweetness. You will come across questions that you didnít even know you had, and answers that you thought didnít exist.

    You will probably find that you feel like your mind is being read by the questions addressed in the pages, as the questions posed were from normal readers like you, with burning questions about this unique breed of dog. The questions were raised, and the answers were revealed by professional canine experts, ready and willing to share with you their wealth of knowledge on this fun subject.

    A Trip Inside the Mind of a Puppy

    Whether you are already a dog owner or just considering whether or not you should purchase or adopt a Shar Pei, this website has valuable, reliable information to make your life with your dog easier and more fun. You will learn tried and true tricks that work for training your puppy, failed attempts that donít seem to work for anyone (donít worry, youíre not alone!), how to care for you puppy if ever he needs medical attention and there is no one else available, a trip inside the mind of a puppy, how to groom your puppy so he looks absolutely stunning, and even some delectable treats made from canine-safe ingredients that look good enough to sink your teeth into!

    If you are already intrigued by what you have seen thus far, continue on. You will find everything you ever wanted to know about the Shar Pei dog, what makes him tick, and how to raise a happy, healthy dog that will become your best friend for years to come.


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    Shar Pei Picture

    Shar Pei Picture

    Shar Pei Picture

    Shar Pei Picture

    Shar Pei Picture

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