Types of Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is a type of dog that originated from China, and its most distinctive feature is its deep wrinkles; the name itself actually translates to “Sand Skin”, and this is not because of their colors, but rather because of their textures. The Shar Pei is an incredibly popular and well known type of dog, and there are actually various different types of the Shar Pei, that all should be learned about.

The Different Types of the Shar Pei

Basically there are two distinctive types of coat textures with the Shar Pei, which are horse and brush. The horse coat is very short and harsh, and the hair is straight and it stands off from the body, and can also cause an irritating rash on some people, namely those people who already suffer from allergies.

The brush coat is longer than the horse coat, but at the same time it is just as harsh; as well, the hair should be no longer than one inch at the withers and this is important to remember in order to keep the Shar Pei looking as fantastic as it is supposed to.

 As for the actual colors of the Shar Pei, they come in various different colors, with the most popular being that of a tan color, but other colors include that of fawn (from light beige to golden tan), cream, black, red, chocolate, sable (two colors of hair, one dark and one light), apricot, a dilute shade of red, and silver, a dilute shade known as blue in other breeds, and more.

The Shar Pei can easily be considered as one of the most beautiful dogs of all, and because of this they are often involved in dog shows, and most of the time win. However, you want to know that in order to enter your Shar Pei in a dog show, it must be solid colored.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is the fact that if you have a Shar Pei you need to constantly groom it, keep it well fed and hydrated, and you should also make sure that you take it to some sort of dog obedience or training courses, especially if you are planning on entering it in any type of dog show or event.

Remember to love and take care of your Shar Pei as well, and take it out for walks and fun as often as you can, in order to keep its weight and health as best as you possibly can.

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